These past few months have felt so heavy. There’s so much going on in our world that need and demand our attention that it has felt, at times, as if it’s hard to determine what gets priority (do you go to the vigil/protests/rallies even while being advised not to congregate in large crowds? For us, yes, but you take all safety precautions such as masks and distance). Fortunately, spring has continued its march across the farm and the birds have continued to nest, the peonies have bloomed and the vegetables have started producing. Of course, because it’s 2020, we’ve had some disappointments. A late freeze took out some blooms, including our peach trees, and so all of those peach recipes I’ve been saving up the past year will have to wait.

The asparagus patch provided enough spears this year that my children started giving me a look every time I made asparagus for dinner!

In addition to asparagus, we’ve enjoyed radishes, lettuces, rhubarb, arugula and herbs. The sugar peas are almost ready, they’ve taken sooo long this year and we’ve just started to enjoy nasturtiums in our salads.

Our animals are living their best lives and we’ve added 7 chicks to the mix. We’ve also taken in two barn cats that we are hoping will help control our mouse population, which in turn should help our tick population. They are extremely shy but we are hoping they will warm up to us!

The peonies are winding down for the year but it was a glorious year for them. We sold a fair amount of bouquets but still had plenty to bring inside to enjoy.

The garden is almost fully planted, as is the field. So now we wait and maintain (weed, weed again, and repeat :)). I hope that you are well, wherever you are and that your garden is blooming.