I feel very blessed that while this Christmas season was like no other, we were able to have a little bit of magic sprinkled in amongst the strangeness that was 2020. While I thought I would share some of my favorite images and moments, I also recognize that for most of us, this was a tough season and I ache for those who were sad, lonely or grief stricken during this time.

I’ll be the first to admit that I think our tree is pure magic. We always get a Fraser Fir and we always think it is the most beautiful one we’ve ever had (and it always is). Our tree tells our story as each ornament represents something in our lives such as travels, schools, new jobs, new homes, etc. Each year at our annual tree trimming dinner the children receive an ornament that represents something that happened to them that year. Someday, when they have their own tree, they will start with years worth of ornaments.

We were thrilled to get some snow before Christmas! The farm is so beautiful when it snows and we took the opportunity to have a bonfire and s’mores. I love any excuse to build a food tray of any type.

And I made hot chocolate trays as well.

Food is a big part of our life, we love it! I am very fortunate to have a wonderful kitchen in which to cook and which I very much enjoy on a daily basis. It gets some festive upgrades during the season as well.

We baked cookies, with these adorable Santas being among my favorites!

And on Christmas Eve we made this sweet wreath appetizer. I’m still able to squeeze out sage, thyme and rosemary from the garden!

As I was lamenting the fact that we would not be able to attend our usual Christmas Eve service, I started wondering how I could make our evening a little different and special. I ended up setting a table up in the library by the tree!

I’ve struggled a bit in finding my voice on this blog. My original intent was to share only flower and gardening related items (much like our shop). However, I’ve realized that so much of my joy and what I love most about the farm is not just the flowers and garden but also the family traditions, the cooking and baking we do, the celebrations we enjoy and the little things that make our days special. So I think in the new year I’ll start throwing a bit of this and that in as well. I hope that you are well and I wish you the peace and rest during this season.