With the exception of a teaser spring last week, it still feels like winter here at the farm. However, there are hints that spring is just around the corner. On my daily walk around the farm, I’ve noticed that buds on trees are starting to swell and the narcissus is starting to poke out of the soil. I’ve been particularly keen to find something blooming this year, and I’ve determined that I must plant both Snowdrops and Witchhazel to get an even earlier blooming plant.

If you follow us on instagram, you may have heard about our sweet duck’s respiratory illness. I’m sad to report that she passed last week and while were were so very sad to see her go, we were also relieved for her to not be struggling so much. Unfortunately, this leaves her sister, McDuff (so named before we knew she was a she), all by herself. It seems to make her feel better to hang with the chickens.

Our hellebores were buried under snow for over a month, but somehow have still managed to bloom. It looks beaten up, and a bit bedraggled, but I”m grateful for its sweet face!

The few warm days we had last week caused our garlic to have a growth spurt. Garlic is one of my favorite things to grow as we eat so much of it! I find that the garlic I’ve grown is so much easier to peel than the store bought. It tastes better too!

Our sugaring season is done for the year! We are so grateful for this annual tradition and couldn’t be more appreciative of this stand of trees.

We celebrated our daughter’s 19th birthday! We never would have expected her to be home for her birthday this year but relished the extra time with her. Every year Bryce and I make our children’s birthday cakes together, it’s a cherished tradition. However, this year Grace and I made it together and it was such fun. I think it turned out darling (it’s the famous Milk Confetti Cake).

I’ve spent some time getting the shed cleaned up and ready for the season ahead. I’ve also stared seeds to grow under lights (more on that coming soon). It’s such a thrill seeing the tiny sprouts!

I’ve also spent some time in the woodland, snipping vines and cutting down invasives. I find the winter is a good time to tackle these chores as it’s so much easier to move around without the undergrowth. With everything laid bare it’s also easier to spot the vines and see the bones of the forest.