I believe springtime is when the farm is at its most beautiful. During the summer it’s abundant, the fall and winter are cozy and settled and the spring is just glorious. The flowering trees, the spring bulbs, the ever so green grass, it all conspires together to create beauty, hope and freshness. Here’s a little tour of the farm right now.

The daffodils are finishing up. We’ve had a beautiful, long season with them and I’m in the process of ordering even more. I’m thinking to grow in the field to sell next year. We don’t have a lot of spring blooms for sale due to not having a greenhouse but I can’t help but to want to share these beauties with the community!

The tulips in the garden have also been beautiful. I’m relatively new to tulips, they’ve never been one to steal my heart, but these fancy varieties with all of their ruffles and gorgeous hues are really starting to change my mind. I loved that the radishes matches one of the tulips!

The lilacs have just begun blooming and while our lilacs are not yet very big (I bought them as tiny twigs in order to get the varieties I wanted) they are delicious smelling and a delight to discover each day.

This year, I’ve also enjoyed the planting in our landscaping around the house. Honestly, we focused on the garden, and then the flower field, before we really started putting effort into the planting around the house. Once we got a deer fence, we felt a lot more confident planting! This little bed of hostas and daffodils has been such a delight. It’s such a bright, cheery spot.

We also have ferns unfurling, bleeding hearts blooming, allium sprouting and lady’s mantle sparkling!

We’ve also just had our snowball viburnum starting to bloom!

I haven’t even touched on the vegetables that have gotten going but we are currently harvesting asparagus, rhubarb, and radishes with the lettuces, peas, spinach and arugula coming along very nicely.

Of course, we’ve also continued to go on walks with Rosie in the woods. We collected lots of ramps with which i made ramp butter and pickled ramps among other things.

I hope that your spring has been beautiful, wherever you are!