Resolutions For The Garden in 2020

    Happy New Year friends! The seed catalogues have been showing up in my mailbox on a daily basis which has spurred on my planning for the garden this year. While we grow flowers to sell in our field, we also have a rather large vegetable and flower...

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Christmas on the Farm

I can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone! I hope that however you celebrate, it was magical and special in your home. While it felt like the season was here and gone so quickly, there is always more I'd like to do, we managed to fully enjoy the season!...

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The Essential WorkShirt

I"m a firm believer in having the right clothes for the job and this extends into the work I do in the garden and on the farm.  While it might seem like working in the garden would call for puttng on my dirtiest and oldest clothes, I"ve found that I much prefer having...

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We had a bit of a rocky start with the dahlias this year but, in the end, most of them performed beautifully even if their stems weren't always as long as I would liked. The biggest problem was that the insects seemed to enjoy eating the petals as much as we enjoyed...

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Summer’s Flowers

My apologies for having not posted in so long!  The summer is, of course, a busy time with the flowers and I just didn't get out and take as many pictures as I would have liked.  Now that the nights have gotten cooler, the flowers are starting to fade.  They've...

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Beauty In the Garden

The flower field and the garden have finally exploded into beautiful colors, textures and delicious foods! Like any year, we've had successes and a few failures too. While we were on an early vacation, the heat here became intense with little for rainfall so we lost...

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