Rose Sugar

I have a love/hate relationship with roses. I absolutely adore them but am convinced that they all eventually break your heart. I grow a number of roses in the very back of my garden where I can cut them but they don't take center stage. This is because no matter what...

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Summer’s Close

As summer comes to a close, I'm looking back on the past three months and realizing I haven't posted in much too long. While this summer definitely had moments of joy and beauty, it was also hard in many ways. We've had an incredibly hot, dry summer, and while we have...

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Peony Simple Syrup

Peony season is coming to a close here. I have a few late bloomers that still have some buds on them but for the most part, we are done. It was a beautiful peony season! We had some doozy of storms that threatened to take them down early but most, not all, survived...

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Apparently, today is World Bee day so it seemed appropriate to write about our new additions to the farm. We got honey bees and I'm so excited... but also a little nervous! We took a class at our local extension on beekeeping and have also joined a local beekeeping...

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Garden Tour: Giverny

I have recently returned from a wonderful trip to Paris, France. Our daughter, Grace, is at University in Scotland and after her last exam, met me in Paris for a girls trip just the two of us. It was heavenly and lived up to every expectation! While we certainly could...

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Shades of Pink

Long before there was such a thing as millennial pink, or before pink was massively popular, I've had a love of the color. My childhood room had pink accents, my college dorm and subsequent apartment continued on in the same vain. Once I got married, I did briefly...

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