Favorite Things #6

This wooden cart by Carts Vermont is one of the first things we bought when we moved to the farm. It has had many uses here from carting things down to the barn for a party, hauling mulch to various spots around the farm, moving dahlia tubers, carting trees and a...

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Our 2nd Holiday Market

This past weekend, we held our 2nd Holiday Market in the barn! All week I watched the weather as the chances of rain kept creeping up and up until finally it was at 100% chance of rain. Sure enough, we woke up to raindrops on the windows and we had a fairly steady...

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Guinea Fowl

We recently added guinea hens to the farm and I'm completely obsessed with them! Guineas have a reputation for being loud, ugly and very wild but I have found them to be mesmerizing to watch and their noise hasn't bothered me at all. Also, the fact that they eat ticks...

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Pumpkin Carving Gathering

This past weekend we had family over for a BYOP pumpkin carving party. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love a theme so wherever possible I slipped pumpkins in- whether it be on a snack board, dessert, or even our dinner. We had gorgeous weather so we were able...

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Favorite Things #5

Another one of my favorite tools in the garden is my Opinel knife. I've used it for anything and everything that requires a blade- and a few things that don't. I use the No.08 knife which has been a perfect size for me. It's a pocket knife, so it folds up and fits...

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End of Summer, Start of Fall

Another summer as come to a close and what a summer it was! Here at the farm, it wasn't what we hoped for as we struggled all season long with drought, pests and weeds! Lots of lessons were learned and we hope we make adjustments accordingly. However, even with the...

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