In The Garden

It's August and while this has been such a strange, odd summer in so many ways, the garden has chugged along just as it always does, with many successes and a few frustrations as well. I love watching the beauty unfold in the garden, every season bringing something...

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A Wildflower Meadow

Four years ago, when we bought our farm, everything was fairly wild around the house and land. It hadn't been used as a farm, or perhaps even for enjoyment of the land, in quite awhile. Therefore, we had, and have, lots of overgrowth, vines and invasives that we are...

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The Lavender

While lavender doesn't have big, beautiful, ruffly petals it does have a plethora of other things that very few plants can offer. In addition to its beauty it provides protection from pests, a heavenly scent, many culinary and craft uses and its season is...

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Garlic Scape Pesto

We eat a lot of garlic around here. In fact, I would say I use a clove or two in at least 80% of our meals. So when I learned that it was fairly easy to grow your own garlic, I jumped on it. I was fortunate in that my dear friend, Susan, who has a beautiful and...

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Self Care in the Garden

Before I head out the door to work, in the garden or flower field, there are several things I almost always do. Applying sunscreen is a big one for me. I spent many years trying to get a tan, but now I would prefer to not have more sunspots or wrinkles! I also want to...

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