Peony Season

As peony season comes to a close, I'm finally taking a breath to look back on it. It's been such a busy season, but also the best peony season yet on the farm. We had hundreds of blooms and keeping up with harvesting them was often comical. While we didn't cut from...

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Spring Blooms

The difference outside from a month ago is actually extraordinary and if I hadn't just looked at photos I took exactly one month apart I wouldn't even believe it. In that amount of time, the daffodils have come and mostly gone, the flowering trees have bloomed...

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Easter Weekend

We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather this past Easter weekend. The cherry trees, magnolias, narcissus and forsythia are all blooming and I can't get enough of them. This spring, I've longed for some color so the yellows, pinks and chartreuse greens of new...

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Looking Toward the Season

As we approach the growing season here in zone 6b I thought I'd share what I'm doing to get ready! The past couple of years, I've made a concerted effort to do all of my clean up work in the fall. I've found that I enjoy the garden (and the field but this post focuses...

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The Sugar Shack

We've been tapping our sugar maple trees and making syrup for the past 6 years. We started with a stock pot over a flame, progressed to a homemade barrel evaporator and have finally settled into our permanent maple syrup home with the build of a sugar shack. There is...

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Building the Garden

Recently, I was going through photographs from the past few years and came upon pictures of the garden from the very, very beginning! I thought it might be a good idea to share because while I have lots of beautiful photographs of the garden, it decidedly did not...

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