The Lavender

While lavender doesn't have big, beautiful, ruffly petals it does have a plethora of other things that very few plants can offer. In addition to its beauty it provides protection from pests, a heavenly scent, many culinary and craft uses and its season is...

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Garlic Scape Pesto

We eat a lot of garlic around here. In fact, I would say I use a clove or two in at least 80% of our meals. So when I learned that it was fairly easy to grow your own garlic, I jumped on it. I was fortunate in that my dear friend, Susan, who has a beautiful and...

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Self Care in the Garden

Before I head out the door to work, in the garden or flower field, there are several things I almost always do. Applying sunscreen is a big one for me. I spent many years trying to get a tan, but now I would prefer to not have more sunspots or wrinkles! I also want to...

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Late Spring

These past few months have felt so heavy. There's so much going on in our world that need and demand our attention that it has felt, at times, as if it's hard to determine what gets priority (do you go to the vigil/protests/rallies even while being advised not to...

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The Ducks

We've had chickens for a while now, but just recently we added two Pekin Ducks to the mix. They are so fun, sweet and adorable that it's easy to forgive them for how incredibly messy they are! Due to our longer than normal cold temperatures, the ducks ended up staying...

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Favorite Gardening Books

I have a deep love for books of all kinds. Growing up I would stay up 'till all hours of the night reading novels. While I was teaching, and then while raising our children, I collected masses of children's books. And now I adore gardening/flower books. I especially...

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