Garden Tour- The Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday, Grace, our daughter, and I went on a day trip to see the cherry blossoms while they were in full bloom. This has been on my bucket list for a while and it certainly did not disappoint. I don't suppose this counts as much as a garden tour as it does a little...

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Late Winter

With the exception of a teaser spring last week, it still feels like winter here at the farm. However, there are hints that spring is just around the corner. On my daily walk around the farm, I've noticed that buds on trees are starting to swell and the narcissus is...

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Sugar Season

We have a line of maple trees, an odd allee if you will, that was clearly planted but never intended to grow to full size as they are much too close together and in two very straight lines. It's been suggested that perhaps they were a nursery row that was meant to...

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Simple Pleasures

How is everyone? Here, we've been feeling the weight of the ongoing pandemic. There are disappointments as more events get cancelled, students still aren't in school full time, our daughter's University asked students to not return and we simply miss our people. Even...

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Homemade Lavender Marshmallows

This past week, we've had so much snow! Our family loves the snow and we welcome a day of sitting by the fire, while the snow comes down, then heading outside to play and take in all the beauty. Even with the ability to work and do school remotely, it still feels...

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas

I'm sort of hot and cold when it comes to the romance of Valentine's Day. Bryce and I usually don't go out on the 14th as it often feels a bit forced. Instead, we prefer to celebrate those we love at home. When the children were little, we would make Valentines for...

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