A Creative Discussion

Last week, I attended a flower/creative panel discussion at the gorgeous Jardin de Buis. The discussion was a precursor to a weekend workshop (had a known I would have loved to participate!) and included Lucy Hunter , Francis Palmer, TJ McGrath and Ken Druse. It was a...

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The Woodland

Our farms consists of 68 acres that includes our home envelope (barns, workshop and house), the field, small orchard and meadow, and the garden. The rest are woods and they are cut through the middle with two creeks that eventually meet up and become a much bigger...

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Hot Cocoa with Lavender

We are big fans of hot cocoa around here. After a lot of experimenting with different types of mixes, I finally settled on our family's favorite, which happens to also be the simplest version we've tried. When the children were younger I used to make a mix that...

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A Few Goals

How is everyone? I fervently hope that your holiday was magical and full of those you love. Mine was different from any other Christmas as I tested positive for Covid a week before Christmas (the irony is that I picked it up at a garden club meeting of all things!). I...

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Cleaning Tools

As a follow up to my post about fall clean up, I thought I would write about how I clean my tools at the end of the season. I will be the first to admit that I can be terrible about regularly cleaning my tools. Most advice I've read says that tools should be cleaned...

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The Barn Sale

This past Saturday was our Holiday Market in the barn and it was such a fun day of seeing new and old friends, shopping locally and ushering in the holiday season. Going into the sale, I genuinely did not know what to expect so the turn out that we had was beyond my...

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