We had a bit of a rocky start with the dahlias this year but, in the end, most of them performed beautifully even if their stems weren't always as long as I would liked. The biggest problem was that the insects seemed to enjoy eating the petals as much as we enjoyed...

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Summer’s Flowers

My apologies for having not posted in so long!  The summer is, of course, a busy time with the flowers and I just didn't get out and take as many pictures as I would have liked.  Now that the nights have gotten cooler, the flowers are starting to fade.  They've...

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Beauty In the Garden

The flower field and the garden have finally exploded into beautiful colors, textures and delicious foods! Like any year, we've had successes and a few failures too. While we were on an early vacation, the heat here became intense with little for rainfall so we lost...

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In The Garden

The garden has really started to take off!  We've had perfect growing conditions thus far with beautiful, sunny days and a nice amount of rain that has allowed us to not have to haul the hose all around the lawn, garden and field.  It's been a gift!We've had a bumper...

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Edible Flowers

I"m a big fan of using edible flowers and have been baking, and cooking, with them for a long time.  Flowers add subtle flavors, beautiful colors and make most things a little more special.  The list of edible flowers is actually rather extensive.  The...

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Peony Season

After we moved to the farm, the very first thing that we planted were peonies.  They are my favorite flower and I just can't seem to get enough.  The multitude of ruffles, the sheer size of a single bloom and the sweet scent that they carry have all...

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