Bring Beauty Home!

The Flower Frog is a flower farm and online boutique  located in the tranquil Hopewell Valley of New Jersey. Located on a historic farm, we grow many varieties of summer blooms that are sold at our honor stand and at other locations in the Valley.

The boutique is open! We are featuring a hard-working but beautiful WorkShirt designed here at the farm and made in Kansas City, MO by our partners at Rightfully Sewn. We also sell well curated items that have a focus on flowers and botanicals.


We believe…

quality matters. Quality materials and craftsmanship result in products that work well for many seasons. 

beauty is essential. Beautiful things, people and places enrich our lives. We strive to find and help create beauty in the everyday.

in sustainability and conservation. We must all do our part in preserving the Earth for the generations yet to come.

in supporting our community. Put back more than you take out. Contribute to the wellbeing of others. Improve where we live and work.