About Us

We are Bryce and Anna and we are the owners of The Flower Frog and Frogs Hollow Farm (hint: frogs have special meaning to us!).  We’ve been married for almost 23 years and I’m not sure we ever could have predicted that we would own a farm and an online boutique.  Our path here was circuitous and adventuresome and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  We share the farm with our two children, two cats, one dog, a cute bunny, four hens and one rather obnoxious rooster.

Hi, I’m Anna!

I’m a lover of all things beautiful and a complete romantic. The role I cherish the most is being Mom to two wonderful children, Grace and Harris. I’m extremely fortunate to have been able to dig in and enjoy that role to its fullest. My favorite color is pink with green being a close second! I love old houses, classic interiors and having my home tell our story. I love to feed my family with vegetables that I’ve grown and dot the house with flowers from our garden. Antiques, bubbles baths, bows, fireplaces, cozy pajamas, celebrations and a good book are a few of my favorite things. And, of course, flowers top the list! If I had to name one favorite flower it would be the peony but I really love whatever is in season.


Hi, I’m Bryce!

I have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and especially all things green and growing. I was born and raised in Iowa and spent vast amounts of my childhood on the farms of my Aunts and Uncles in the heartland. My family is the most important thing in my life…and I’m Anna’s biggest fan! I love to enjoy good food and drink; along with Anna’s amazing cooking my favorites include barbeque, bourbon, craft beer and dark chocolate! The most amazing things we grow here at Frogs Hollow Farm are Dahlias; their colors, complexity and utter perfection are incredible!