The Farm

Frogs Hollow Farm is a historic farm with the house dating back to the late 1700’s.  For the 40 years or so prior to our ownership, it has not been a working farm but we are working to change that! While we are still getting to know our farm and land, we feel so fortunate to be the current caretakers and are committed to leaving our home, outbuildings and land in better shape than we found them in.  Our farm consists of our old stone house, two barns – a little one and a slighter bigger one, a workshop, field, woodlands, a new orchard and a meadow.  Every season there’s a different but beautiful aspect to enjoy.

Winter starts at the farm with Christmas trees and foraged greens for Christmas.  We hope to get snow but significant snow rarely happens until January or February.  Come February we tap our maples and begin to make syrup; we’ve only done this a couple of seasons but already it’s addictive.  There’s something so satisfying about making our own syrup!  Walks in the woods are beautiful this time of the year as the creeks sparkle in the sun and ice builds up on the edges.

Spring is such a beautiful time here!  Usually by the time spring has arrived we are desperate for the pops of color that heralds spring’s arrival.  To that end, we’ve planted hundreds of bulbs, peonies and flowering trees.  The first of the spring vegetables are sown as soon as the soil is workable and we eagerly await the peas, radishes, lettuces and strawberries.  Shortly after the daffodils fade, the lilacs and their sweet scent wafts across the garden as we work.  Soon thereafter, the peonies start!  And of course, we can’t ignore the blooming cherries, crabapples, redbuds and dogwoods!  It feels a little like magic.

Summer is a time of abundance at the farm.  An abundance of vegetables, flowers, eggs from our chickens and plenty of weeds too!  Mid summer is when the flowers really get cranking with zinnias, amaranth, celosia, comos, sunflowers and rudbeckia, to name a few, making an appearance.  The much anticipated dahlias appear soon after!   We load up our honor stand as often as we can during the summer months!  Here, everything is usually so green and lush in summer!  We are also able to make most of our meals using produce from the garden!  We love adding edible flowers to our cocktails, desserts and even our salads.  They make everything more beautiful.

Fall is usually a welcome time of year after a busy summer.  The cooler air brings back a little life to some of the weary plants and finally, the first frost ends the growing season for most of our flowers and produce.  This season is marked by putting all the beds in the field and the garden to bed for the winter.    We go back to having bonfires by the barn and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family.