Recently, on a rainy Saturday morning, I spent a couple of hours wandering around the most beautiful and magical property, Hortulus Farm.  Hortulus Farm is owned by two gentleman who have spent the past 40 years transforming the 100 acres surrounding their farm into a lush and beautiful garden.  The property is made up of dozens of different garden rooms including woodlands, perennial and summer borders, topiary and Mediterranean gardens, fountains, a lovely potager and a cluster of historic farm buildings, including the stone house dating back to the 1700’s.

After arriving at the parking lot for the on-site nursery, we bought our tickets and walked the approach to the house and gardens, the Birch Allee.  My pictures really do not do it justice!  What I was most impressed by was the layering that was done here.  The mix of hostas, ferns, understory trees and canopy trees was truly something to behold.  This time of year, it was mostly lush greens with the pop of pinks, whites and the occasional yellow from spring blooming trees or shrubs.  The beds were so densly planted that there seemed to be no room for weeds!

The Birch Allee led to the pond where ducks and swans swam about contentedly, though I’m pretty sure the black swan either was thinking of attacking me or just wanted a friend!  Either way, he was beautiful!  From here, we made a turn and walked along the woodland path.  The owners were absolutely brilliant with their use of curves and hidden “rooms” to draw the eye and pull you forward through the walk.  They also put statuary and garden furniture to great use.  This hill of Spanish Bluebells was so close to bursting into bloom!

Further along the woodland path, we came to a beautiful bridge that crossed the creek that feeds the pond.  Of course, the bridge fit in perfectly with its surroundings!

After crossing the bridge, the Woodland Path meanders to the other side of the pond where there are more pathways and garden rooms.  Around every corner there is something new to see!  

As you leave the wood, you come upon slightly more formal areas that lead to a cluster of farm buildings and the beautiful stone farm house.  The Snowball Viburnum was in glorious bloom!  The potager (a kitchen garden) is in front of the house with barns, a corncrib, the chicken coop and more cutting gardens in close proximity.

By the time we reached the “village” we were only about half way through the tour.  However, I will end our tour here as I don’t want this entry to get too long and, frankly, my camera battery died!  And this gives me an excuse to go back sooner rather than later!

Fast Facts

Open May through October 

Tuesday through Saturday 10:00- 4:00

Tickets are $15 for a self guided tour


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