Today, we are going to take a little tour of the inside of our garden shed, it’s one of my very favorite places! The shed is actually very spacious so it has lots of room for both storage and working.

Along most of the back wall, there was a slanted area for the chicken and we made that flat for a workspace. The only problem?  Years of chicken poop!  As much as I could scrape, vacuum and scrub, there was no hope for getting it all up since it was like cement.  As luck would have it, I found a sheet of zinc that was the perfect depth so we were able to fit it to the workbench.  I LOVE how it looks and works.  It will, over time, continue to patina and change according to the elements and how it’s used.  At first, I thought that the bench was going to be too high for my short self, but I’ve found it perfect for arranging flowers among other things.  I keep a trash can underneath for all the flower stems and leaves and throw them in the compost when I’m done.

At the end of the bench, we cut a hole in the wood so that we could drop in an old sink trough that I found at one of my favorite stores, Terrain. During the growing season, I often keep if full of soil and it’s the perfect spot when I start seedlings in the early spring. Now, I usually keep my favorite (mostly) antique flower buckets behind the trough.

On the wall beside the potting sink, we hung up one side of an old wine bottle drying rack.  I am a big lover of terra cotta pots, especially as they age and patina, and I think the rack is a practical and beautiful way to hold all the small pots. I often also have my twine on one of the spikes.

One of my favorite things in the shed isn’t practical or useful at all but it’s beautiful and that counts for a lot in my book. I found this stain glass “prescription” sign from an old apothecary in a local antique shop and thought it was the perfect nod to the fact that vegetables, flowers and working in the garden are all part of a healthy life (for me at least!).   Plus, the colors are my favorite. 

Along the wall by the door, we keep most of our tools lined up, ready to grab. I’m slowly but surely replacing tools that we bought on a whim when we were first married, with quality tools, mostly from Sneeboer. Bryce usually gifts me a new tool every Christmas.

And that’s the shed, hope you enjoyed the tour!