How is everyone doing? In this time of uncertainty, fear and isolation, I sincerely hope that you are able to get outside a bit. I’ve found that as soon as I start to get anxious or on edge, it helps me immensely to step outside. I’ve seen lots of news about seeds being sold out and it heartens me to think that more people will be planting gardens this year! As we get back out into our gardens, or perhaps starting a new one, I thought I’d share what I typically wear while working. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of uniforms and having the right clothes for the job. I find it imperative to have high quality things that last and work hard, whether that be my tools or my clothes. I’m a big fan of purchasing the best quality that one can afford.

This was my first sample WorkShirt and when the garden was very new! Also, can you spot Rosie?

Of course, I almost always wear my WorkShirt. Oftentimes, in early spring I have to wear something under it and over it to keep warm. A knit hat and my favorite wool socks also go a long way to keeping me warm. As it gets warmer, I shed layers! As spring moves into summer, I the WorkShirt gives me some level of protection from the sun on my arms and the linen material is very summer-friendly.

My absolute favorite work shoes are my Blundstones. I’ve had these for years (can you tell?) and they are comfortable and durable. I love the ease in which they can be slipped on and off without having to worry about tying or untying laces!

I have two pair of work pants that I wear and love both of them. I’ve had my Red Ant Pants the longest and they are tough as nails. My Dungarees, made by Gamine, are super tough but look more like regular jeans. Both companies are incredibly easy to work with to get the exact right fit and both pairs of pants have only gotten better and better with age and washing (both pants are really rather stiff straight out of the gate). Neither pant is inexpensive but the longevity, thoughtfulness and mission behind each brand is worth the investment, in my opinion. My next goal is to find comparable pants that are a bit lighter weight. The weight of both pants is a little burdensome at the height of summer!

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found the perfect work gloves. My current favorite ones are old enough that the label is long rubbed off. However, for any work that I do with roses I always don these leather gloves. They are wonderful!

That’s it for now, do you have any favorite work clothes? If so, please share!