It’s reassuring to me that even as the world seems to be in chaos and spinning out of control, the natural world continues on with no regard to such chaos. The daffodils are blooming, trees are budding and the garden has started producing. We are in growing zone 6B and while I know that some of you don’t yet have blooms, stay strong as they are coming!

Week 1- Forsythia, Leucojum, Narcissus and Magnolia

On Instagram I started trying to document what is in bloom every week.

Week 2- Narcissus, Rhododendron, Muscari and Leucojum

We have a lot of different daffodil varieties, and it will be no surprise that my favorite are the unusual ones. Some are super ruffly, some have striking color and some have multiple heads. I just can’t get enough of them!

Meet Coco, our resident house cat.

Our cherry, plum and peach trees are also blooming. What a treat they are to see up close and from far away!

Our tulips are also making their way up and a few have already opened. This was my first year planting tulips. Some have done beautifully but it does appear that a few will have very short stems!

Leucojum is one of my favorite bulbs, I just think the detail on them is so sweet and perfect.

Our Star Magnolia tree has also bloomed. We are lucky enough that for about two weeks we feel as if we are in bloom heaven as two of our bathroom windows overlook the top of this tree. It’s such a short lived, but oh so sweet, treat!

We’ve had some devastation at the farm as well as beauty. A fox managed to get two of our chickens. We had moved them to a mobile hen house to work over the land in the orchard and it was clearly not predator proof enough. We’ve made tweaks to the design and are determined not to provide the fox with any more meals.

I was standing here on lookout while they were out, unfortunately we can’t let them free range due to fox and hawks.

My first harvest from the garden this year was rhubarb! With these beauties, I made delicious rhubarb hand pies.

Easter this year looked rather different for us. We were so sad to not be celebrating with family. While we did FaceTime throughout our meal, it just wasn’t the same, but are so thankful for technology that allows us to at least do that.

Also, we added two sweet ducks to our farm. They are absolutely darling!

All in all, we are so thankful for the farm during this difficult time. It has offered work, solace, space and beauty and for that, I’m so grateful. Here’s to hope and healing for everyone.