Is there anything more symbolic of the autumn season than a pumpkin? This year, I discovered that there was such a thing as pink pumpkins and somehow it made fall complete for me :). I 100% plan on trying to grow them next year! I did, for the first time, try my hand at growing them in our field this year and had mixed success. While they grew and bloomed, the squash bugs got them while they were young and killed most of them before the pumpkins had a chance to get big and cure. However, we did get a few!

Instead of leaving them all outside, or cooking with them, I’ve brought them inside to decorate our buffet table. I’ve so enjoyed this display, especially before the frost when I was able to keep fresh flowers with it. The two on the left in the picture below are ones we grew! I’m so sad that the dahlias are gone as it seems as if they were just coming into their prime.

Perhaps my favorite part was how all the colors perfectly matched our art work in the dining room!

I’m loving the trend of heirloom pumpkins with their different shapes, sizes, colors and textures! I love dotting them around outside on our patio and by the kitchen door. The pumpkins on our outdoor mantle were volunteers from our farm compost pile!

Every year, we make an afternoon, or evening, of carving pumpkins with the children. We usually have a special meal to go along with it and we always roast the seeds. These sweet little pumpkins cupcakes were one of my favorite desserts!

We’ve had lots of different carvings throughout the years, we never get too fancy, except for when we have green pumpkins. For then Bryce always carves a frog! The frog pumpkins are my favorite!