As we have so many new readers (welcome!) I thought I would do a brief introduction and share how we came up with the name of our little boutique and flower stand.

Frogs cut into our garden gate

Bryce and I met when we were just 19 years old and we were married by the time we were 23! Today, of course, that seems so very young but at the time it felt normal and right. We are approaching 25 years together!

Bryce and I met at Young Harris College. We didn’t really connect until our second year and then I considered us to be just friends. He, however, had other ideas and kept trying to get a relationship started for much of the year. I resisted because I thought he was rather nerdy (read: smart) and I thought I was really too cool for him (I was delusional…I was not cool at all). Once we did finally start dating, we never looked back!

A favorite vase given to use by a close friend

Early in our dating relationship, I told Bryce that he was my Green Frog because he turned from a frog to a prince. Thus our love for frogs was born and we now consider the frog our family mascot.

For over 25 years, frogs have been woven throughout our lives (no lie… it even helped Bryce get his first job out of law school!). If you look throughout our home you will find frogs sprinkled throughout and in the most unique forms! We’ve even named our little farm “Frogs Hollow.”

A quirky frog sprinkler found at an antique store

When thinking of a name for our flower business and boutique, we wanted something that spoke to our family and something that had to do with flowers. I’ve collected vintage flower frogs for years and it seemed like the perfect name! A double entendre that is both a device for securing flower stems and a nod to our family mascot.

And that’s how The Flower Frog came to be. Clearly, I’m a sentimental person who attaches meaning to everything but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!