Hello friends! How is the New Year going for you? I’ve had a bit of a hard time focusing on things as the news has been extraordinary of late. The past week I’ve made a concentrated effort to focus on planning, with lots of list making, for the upcoming year on the farm. I have so many goals for 2021! Of course, we don’t have any flowers on the farm in January and often think of it as a dull flower month but as I’ve look around I’ve realized I”m actually surrounded by flowers!

I’m browsing all my flower/garden books, catalogues and notes from last year and making my seed lists. I find I do a lot better in the garden and field if I plot them out beforehand. This way, I’m a little less apt to over order and get stars in my eyes. I order my seeds from retail and wholesale but I would recommend that anyone hoping to order flower or vegetable seeds this year start purchasing now. I found that several of the sites I normally order from were either out of stock or not selling to home growers.

I was hoping to have a barn sale this year for the holidays but Covid put a hard stop to that, unfortunately. I had put aside several bins of lavender to sell at the sale and figured I might as well do something with it! I ended up making this lavender wreath that I love!

I’ve had a blank spot above my tub for quite some time now as I just haven’t been able to find a piece of art that I loved. The wreath, however, is perfect for the spot. And it makes our bathroom smell heavenly!

I’ve potted up amaryllis and it’s currently blooming! I just adore these colors. I know that amaryllis is often only considered during the holidays but I’ve found I actually prefer them to be blooming in January or February. This is because at Christmas we often have greenery, lights and other festive things that are cheery and bright but once they all come down it’s nice to still have some color and beauty growing. It also gives the flower time to shine all on it’s own!

My birthday is in the beginning of January and I made cream puffs to celebrate. I added a sugared violet on top of each one. They were so tasty (also, super simple for something that looks impressive!).

Also, my dear friend, Kathleen, sent me these cookies for my birthday and I just can’t get over how perfect they are. I’m not sure I will be able to eat them as they are each a tiny work of art! Such talent, check out her instagram!

I also have paper whites going but they are so very slow this year! I noticed, too, that my Hellebores are starting to bud up. Perhaps those will be my February flowers. Stay well everyone!