I’m sort of hot and cold when it comes to the romance of Valentine’s Day. Bryce and I usually don’t go out on the 14th as it often feels a bit forced. Instead, we prefer to celebrate those we love at home. When the children were little, we would make Valentines for friends, bake treats and make a special dinner (even if it was just pizza shaped like a heart with pepperoni hearts). I really enjoy giving love gifts to my family and, as I’m a sucker for a theme, they are almost always heart shaped, red or pink, and about love (many years ago I gave the family a red popcorn popper for movie nights and it’s still in use!). If you are still on the hunt for a gift, here’s some ideas for those you love.

  1. If you always want kissable lips this Rose Balm is for you. Grace got me hooked on using it and I always keep one in my pocket now.
  2. These lollipops are perfect for adults and children alike. After you enjoy the flavor, plant the stick and wait for plants to grow!
  3. How cute is this Hoya Plant in the shape of a heart?
  4. I love these notebooks by Appntd. I always have one going for my day to day lists and I also have a garden one for notes, sketches and ideas. They will even monogram it for you!
  5. Years ago, I gave this heart sponge to my children for Valentines (Rose Clay for Grace, Charcoal for Harris) and Grace continues to use one today! She loves it!
  6. You guys, this candle is amazing. I wouldn’t have guessed that Rose and Mint would go so beautifully together in a candle but it does. I recommend this as a treat for yourself or a dear friend!
  7. This spade by Sneeboer is my favorite gift for a gardener! The heart shape is darling, the quality is matchless and it’s infinitely useful!