It’s so cliche but I can hardly believe that it’s already July! The summer is going by at lightening speed, but I’m happy to report that we have made time to enjoy it. We took a family trip to Boston and have visited with friends at the beach and at home. We have the privilege of attending a family wedding, soon while camp for our son, and going back to University for Grace, looms ahead for the children. All the while, the garden and field are ticking right along. I’m so appreciative of the farm and its abundance. Everyday there is beauty (and lots and lots of work!) around us and the blessing of that isn’t lost on us.

The lavender has already come and gone this year. It was beautiful and we were fortunate that we had some cool mornings to harvest. A dear friend offered to help harvest, so one morning was spent working and talking, a wonderful combination. Another day, Harris chipped in and harvested while Grace helped me to make bundles. It was a family affair! The shed is full of drying lavender and it smells heavenly.

One of my very favorite crops to grow is garlic! It lasts me almost an entire year and I find it deeply satisfying to grow my own. Not only is it better because I know where it’s coming from, but I find it peels much easier than store bought and we can get the variety we want! I order from Filaree when I don’t have enough from my own harvest because we’ve eaten it all! I will say the garlic drying mixed with the lavender drying is an interesting combination :).

I feel as if I’m getting better with my garden combinations and what I like growing together. I’m very into the growing of unique, and pretty, vegetables that I can’t get at the market. I’m loving my peppermint swiss chard, planted in front of dahlias. The pink buds of the bush beans I’m growing this year are gorgeous paired with the red variety of okra that I’m trying (first time growing okra), the carrots look like a sunset and the flowers planted with the cabbage are helping, ever so slightly, with pest control. I was delighted to discover that the buds on the purple potatoes were also purple! We’ve also enjoyed really beautiful, and sweet smelling, sweet peas planted in between the lettuces.

The flower field is also moving along but at what seems to be a slower pace than previous years. Weeds, hot and dry weather and self seeding celosia have been a real issue this year. We also didn’t do a ton of soil amendment this past fall and I think I can tell. The zinnias have started blooming, along with the snapdragons, foxglove and rudbeckia. We will soon start to put out bouquets on the stand. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had lavender bundles and beautiful sweet peas out! Lately, I’ve had some questions about days and times the stand is open. It’s a roadside honor stand, and I don’t yet have regular hours for it. I usually put flowers on the stand in the morning, but not yet every single day. If I have an order for flowers or an event, I fill those first. We are still having items disappear without payment so while I love it, we are trying to figure out how that fits in with the farm, long term.

I hope your garden is growing in ways that make you happy this summer!