It’s late August and everything is looking a bit bedraggled and tired around here. I’ll admit that this is my least favorite time of year. The heat, humidity and abundance of overgrown weeds and invasives conspire to make me long for cooler weather. I suppose that is the beauty of each season, as each winds down, we have something new to look forward to. I thought I’d share some bits of beauty that have been sprinkled throughout our days this past month.

I love cooking and baking with edible flowers and I recently made sugar cookies with flowers on top. I love how they turned out!

Grace and I made rainbow sandwiches one evening for dinner. With the exception of the avocado, each item was from the garden. I was surprised at how delicious this was, the goat cheese and herb spread really added to it.

The vegetables and fruits are still coming even though some have given up the ghost to pests or heat. We’ve had such an abundant harvest that, at times, it has been overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with all of it! We’ve been preserving, baking, and gifting to friends.

I especially love to grow particularly beautiful varieties such as the pink okra and beans (bonus the beans are so easy to find on the plant).

We are still cutting buckets of flowers and putting them on the stand and in the house.

I was fortunate enough to take Grace back to school this year to start her sophomore year at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Before arriving in Scotland, we spent some time in England. So much beauty there (and blessedly cooler temps)! I’m praying for a better year for all of our young people at school.

I hope you have had lots of beautiful moments this August!