I apologize for my absence. Having gotten back from taking Grace to Scotland it’s taken some adjustment to having her gone, I miss knowing what she’s doing and what she’s up too (she keeps me updated really well, but it’s the little, everyday things). Also, with school starting for Harris and life getting back to some normality, it’s just been busy! But here we are, the beginning of October and we finally had some cool, dry days (we are already back to warm and humid) and the dahlias are really putting on a show.

Every year, I think that I won’t continue to grow so many dahlias and every year, about this time, I start looking for other varieties to add to my stash. Lifting, storing and dividing is tedious and it’s only when the dahlias start their spectacular blooming that I remember why we do all that tedious work!

Bryce thinks that dahlias are as close to perfect of a flower as one can get. He’s just constantly amazed by them and I can’t disagree. While I do love the perfectness of their petals, what I really can’t get over is the coloring on them. While I’m partial to the pink ones, the oranges and the burgundies just scream fall and I find myself drawn to them often due to the season.

Unfortunately, most dahlias don’t last a long time in the vase, but they will last longer when picked early in the morning or very, very late in day. I also am sure to take a bucket of water so that I can plunge the stems in cool water as soon as I snip. Dahlias do not continue to open once picked so it’s a balance to get them at their peak!

Dahlias really are a highlight of the fall season, especially when paired with fall foods such as our family favorite, Pumpkin Bars. Every year, around October 1st I’m obligated to make these for the family.

All in all, it has been a beautiful dahlia season and with no frost in the forecast, it looks like it may last even longer than usual!