As spring marches on and I start to envision my little seedlings actually getting bigger, I am reminded of how often I use twine around the garden. I think it’s indispensable and my very favorite one is Nutscene Twine. Nutscene, originally so called because it’s “not scene” amongst plants, dates back to 1922 and is still made in Dundee, Scotland, on the original winding machines. They are now made in lots and lots of colors and used in kitchens, craft rooms and, of course, gardens. I prefer the green twine for use in the garden, as it is totally unobtrusive.

One of the totally unique things about Nutscene Twine is that it unspools from the inside instead of the outside. This helps to ensure that the entire ball of twine doesn’t get tangled and unraveled. As I am trying to stop using plastics in the garden, I also appreciate that the twine is totally biodegradable (I pop it in my compost) and is sourced from renewable resources. I feel like these small decisions and actions are important for us to think about in the garden.

Here’s a quick list of all the things I’ve used my twine for in the garden.

Tying up sweet pea stems

Tying up sugar snap peas

Attaching rose stems to wire for training

Attaching tomato stems to cages for support and training

Corralling crazy asparagus fronds and raspberry stems too

Bundling up garlic to cure

Bundling up herbs to dry

Making straight lines in the garden

Supporting dahlia stems to stakes

I also appreciate that the small twine fits right in my WorkShirt pocket! Bonus!

Be sure to check out the three sizes of Nutscene in the shop (and, naturally, one pink) and be prepared for when our little plants become big ones! Have a great weekend everyone!