Long before there was such a thing as millennial pink, or before pink was massively popular, I’ve had a love of the color. My childhood room had pink accents, my college dorm and subsequent apartment continued on in the same vain. Once I got married, I did briefly veer away from decorating with pink and move to a blue and white phase, but I’ve always come back to pink. I like to wear pink because it’s flattering and I like to decorate with pink touches. It goes beautifully with my other favorite color, green. Fortunately, Bryce’s masculinity is not threatened by the color pink and I think we’ve found a nice balance where we use it for accents around the house and farm.

We have five colors that we use on the farm repeatedly. The pink we use is a Farrow and Ball color and I love how it doesn’t read super pink but is rather subtle.

For the landscaping around our home, we’ve stuck with mostly green and white with a few touches of pink such as a pink clematis climbing on our lamppost, pink astilbe amongst the boxwoods or pink potted flowers on our steps. On our back patio, we’ve used pink as an accent color as it compliments the brown stone of our house and patio beautifully.

In spring, the color pink is prolific and some of the most beautiful of the flowering trees have pink blooms. In front of our garden we’ve planted Autumn Cherry that bloom in both spring and fall! The pink dogwoods we’ve planted have also started showing their color and the apple blossoms and crabapples are simply gorgeous.

Something that I’m very excited about is a new hedge that we’ve just started. It’s a tricolor willow and we are putting it in between our field and yard because I’d like some visual separation and we deal with problematic drainage in this area. In the spring, the tips of the willow are pale pink!

I just love pink in all of iterations, it makes me happy. Even Rosie has a pink collar, though with a name like Rosie, what else would it be? What color makes you happy?