Another summer as come to a close and what a summer it was! Here at the farm, it wasn’t what we hoped for as we struggled all season long with drought, pests and weeds! Lots of lessons were learned and we hope we make adjustments accordingly. However, even with the struggles, we still grew beautiful flowers and delicious produce!

We also struggled with predators in a way that we never have before. Our beloved chickens were picked off one by one and we simply could not figure out what was happening as we’ve had them for 6 years without incident in this coop and enclosure. We were devastated to lose them, and will get to work on making the enclosure and coop fort knox for the next round of chicks that arrived just this week. We also have gotten guineas to hopefully help with tick control and I love them already!

Also, lots of life happened outside of the farm in the form of trips, illness (Covid struck again!), and our son’s jaw being broken. Frankly, that was the biggest deal and certainly called our focus away from those pesky weeds! We did manage to host a lovely dinner with friends where we were able to decorate the table with some truly lovely dahlias.

As I type, it’s pouring down rain and certainly feels like fall outside. We are having our first fire of the season, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip bars have been made to celebrate the first day of fall, and I’m looking forward to sweaters, boots, thick soup and wool throws. The list for fall chores is a mile long but by now I know that most will get done, if not all and next season will be another chance to make different mistakes, celebrate successes and try new things. I hope you are all well and settled.