This wooden cart by Carts Vermont is one of the first things we bought when we moved to the farm. It has had many uses here from carting things down to the barn for a party, hauling mulch to various spots around the farm, moving dahlia tubers, carting trees and a million other jobs along the way. These carts are made in Vermont with a thoughtful design and quality components.

One of the handier aspects of this cart is that the back slides off for ease of use. We use this feature most often with mulch or compost removal. We also like that the tires haven’t ever gone flat on us as that seems to be a reoccurring theme with everything on wheels here (that and mice getting to the wires of those same machines!).

We purchased the large garden cart and it has been perfect for our needs. I will warn you that one needs to give some thought as to where the cart will be stored when not in use. It is rather bulky and takes up a fair spot of space. We store ours in the barn!