Grace made a special dinner in celebration of the Summer Solstice. The plan was to serve dinner in the garden but chilly and windy weather forced her to move to the greenhouse which turned out to be such a lovely, and beautiful, decision! Inside the greenhouse was cozy and magical, if a wee bit tight since we didn’t move the benches out!

While Grace did all the menu planning, and cooking, I handled the flowers! Randomly, I discovered a few late peonies (they were side buds!) and built the arrangement around them. In retrospect, since the table was so narrow, a round vase would have been better but it worked and brightened up the greenhouse.

My favorite parts of the arrangements were the inclusion of snap peas and raspberries.

Grace started the dinner with a rhubarb cocktail and “chips” of beets from the garden. Her rhubarb garnishes for the drinks were so very pretty.

The main course was sugar snap pea risotto.

Finally, for dessert, Grace served homemade mint ice cream with her dark chocolate hard shell on top (served in a mint julep cup). It was so yummy!

While it was just the 3 of us (Harris had a prior commitment) it was a special evening. We are big fans of celebrating moments, big and small, and I think putting the extra effort into something is almost always worth it.