I have a deep love for books of all kinds. Growing up I would stay up ’till all hours of the night reading novels. While I was teaching, and then while raising our children, I collected masses of children’s books. And now I adore gardening/flower books. I especially love books that are beautiful to look at as well as informative and useful. I have many such books (I keep them on our library table above) but I have a few that I go back to over and over again. I thought I would share my five favorites. Each one has beautiful photos, is extremely informative and shares the author’s favorite varieties (which I find extremely helpful).

  1. In Bloom: Growing, Harvesting and Arranging Homegrown Flowers All Year Round by Clare Nolan. This is a dense book filled with lots of information about flowers but also about the different elements that make up a great arrangement, whether it be formal or casual.
  2. Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden by Erin Benzakein. Erin is the authority on cut flowers and this book covers it all, whether you are a flower farmer or just want to grow flowers to cut and enjoy!
  3. Growing Beautiful Food by Matthew Benson. I appreciate that aesthetics are just as important to Matthew as growing delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers.
  4. Martha’s Flowers by Martha Stewart. Not much new I can say about Martha but I love how this book is broken up according to each flower with interviews of Keven Sharkey (her bestie) interspersed throughout.
  5. Mastering The Art of Vegetable Gardening by Matt Mattus. Matt gets very specific about the science of gardening with recommendations for specific vegetables fertilizing needs, when to sow seeds and best practices when planting and growing.

Do you have any favorite gardening books? Please share in the comments!