Before I head out the door to work, in the garden or flower field, there are several things I almost always do. Applying sunscreen is a big one for me. I spent many years trying to get a tan, but now I would prefer to not have more sunspots or wrinkles! I also want to protect as much of myself from the sun as I can, so I wear longer sleeves even though it seems counter intuitive to beating the heat. I took my cue from gardeners in public gardens, nurseries and landscape crews. When I looked around to notice what they wore, it was full coverage all the way! Also, I do everything I can to help protect myself from ticks including since they are not something I want crawling on me!

  1. SuperGoop Play Sunscreen: We get the big pump bottle of this sunscreen as we use it every time we set our foot out the door. We like this formula particularly because it glides on, doesn’t feel gross and disappears.
  2. WorkShirt: I wear the WorkShirt every time I work in the field or garden. While it seems as if a sleeveless or short sleeve may be better, I wear it to protect myself from the sun. The linen material help keep me cool (ish).
  3. Gardener’s Hand Scrub: I use this every time I come in from working. It smells great and it gets the dirt off my hands a little easier than just soap.
  4. Tick Me Off Maine: We live in tick country. We’ve gotten very good at tick checks but I always put this around my hairline as I’ve got very thick hair so it would be very difficult to look for ticks. I also sometimes put it above my sock line too.