This past weekend, we held our 2nd Holiday Market in the barn! All week I watched the weather as the chances of rain kept creeping up and up until finally it was at 100% chance of rain. Sure enough, we woke up to raindrops on the windows and we had a fairly steady rain for most of the day, until the very end when the sun tried to make an appearance! I’m so appreciative of friends, neighbors and strangers who all pulled on their rain-boots and raincoats to support our wonderful vendors.

What I love most about the sale is the spirit within the barn. Both years, every one who has shown up has been supportive, festive and enthusiastic. I love meeting people from Instagram or our community who I’ve never met, seeing friends who I haven’t seen in a while and connecting with people over their love of pottery, gardening, shopping, or any of the other creative endeavors that our vendors undertake.

We dressed up the flower cart for the event! Normally, we would have put our cookies and hot chocolate outside, on the cart, but due to the rain it all needed to be moved inside. The pictures below were taken the evening before the rain came!

While I’m not sure of the future for the market, I am certain that I’m so very glad that Gretchen and I made it happen again this year (with a lot of support from our husbands!). It is a reminder to me that it’s worth the effort to do special things, that people can be incredibly generous in their support and that the sun always eventually comes out!