We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather this past Easter weekend. The cherry trees, magnolias, narcissus and forsythia are all blooming and I can’t get enough of them. This spring, I’ve longed for some color so the yellows, pinks and chartreuse greens of new leaves are such a welcome sight, a relief even.

I always make bunny buns for Easter breakfast. This year I accidentily let them get a little too brown in the oven but they were still tasty. They were perfect with coffee and chocolate bunnies filled with chocolate milk.

After church, we went to my sisters house for a delicious brunch. I was in charge of the flowers for the table and dessert. For the flowers, I picked daffodils and forsythia along with spice bush from the woods. When arranging with daffodils and other flowers, the sap from daffodils will kill the other flowers if mixed together right away. Therefore, I cut the daffodils for the arrangement the night before, letting them sit in water overnight and not recutting them when I added them to the vessel.

For dessert, I made a lemonade cake base with buttercream icing, which I applied sparingly (also known as a naked cake :). Using floral wire, I shaped them into bunny ears and wrapped thyme around the wire. I loved the look of it but, full disclosure, I didn’t do a great job securing the thyme because by the time I got to my sister’s house, the thyme had begun falling off!

Pretty sure the Easter bunny (bunnies!) also made an appearance!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend as well!