Today I thought I’d share a little glimpse inside our home because we have a new addition in our mudroom that has everything to do with what we are growing and doing outside. Part of our renovation was making the previous kitchen a mudroom as we didn’t have one and we knew from experience how important that was to us. Our mudroom is perhaps the hardest working room in the house, with the exception of the kitchen, and I’m so thankful we have it.

After moving a few things around, we recently found ourselves needing a new cabinet in the mudroom. For months, we debated and debated what exactly we wanted, but finally landed on a hutch type cabinet. I knew I wanted something that was not only beautiful but that could hold vases for flowers (my collection keeps on growing!), items that I’ve preserved, some sort of refrigeration, and maybe a few books (I have a problem). I sketched out my ideal piece for the spot and started the process of getting some quotes to have it made. Ya’ll, they were outrageous prices! Fortunately for me, I am the lucky daughter-in-law of a woodworker who, on a recent visit to the farm, was happy to get to work.

I still think it’s absolutely crazy that he knows how to take a sketch, pieces of wood and some tools and create an actual piece of furniture. He’s amazing. Bryce assisted Al, which he loved!

There was much debate as to what color to paint the hutch but in the end we went with the same green as the cabinets around the sink. This was to create some consistency since there was the possibility of having just too much going on in this room!

The middle of the cabinet is a combination wine fridge and regular fridge. I’m very excited to have all the bottles out of my kitchen fridge! The countertop was glued up by a local wood maker and is walnut to pull together the shelves on either side of the sink. The cabinets hold miscellaneous canning and flower supplies. The little book holder is my Moms from her teaching days but is perfect for when I’m trying to copy an arrangement!

And that’s it! I’m so thankful to Al for making my vision come to fruition!