For many a flower farmer, one of the most tedious tasks is washing the flower buckets. As stems sit in water, hydrating, bacteria and fungi develop. This is often apparent in the gross water you find in a vase after flowers have expired. If those buckets are not cleaned after they are used that same bacteria will immediately be sucked into the stems of the next flowers, significantly shortening their lives. The same is true of vases!

I use a lot of single bud vases and have found they can often be hard to clean. Thus, I love my bottle brushes! I have a set that I use for every vase I have. I have large ones and teeny, tiny ones that help me get into the narrow vases. The brushes are made in Germany by Redecker, a company that has been making quality brushes since 1935. You can get the set on Amazon.

When washing my vases, I use dish detergent and very hot water. I don’t use bleach as I don’t want to risk getting it on my clothes or furnishings. The buildup of bacteria is always why it’s recommended to change your flowers water daily. While, I think this is a great suggestion, it doesn’t always get done, especially if it’s an arrangement that is not easily drained and refilled. However, I always make sure to clean each vase after it is used and being able to at least swish some water around at the bottom of a narrow vase makes me feel better about the longevity of my next arrangement or single specimen.