Another one of my favorite tools in the garden is my Opinel knife. I’ve used it for anything and everything that requires a blade- and a few things that don’t. I use the No.08 knife which has been a perfect size for me. It’s a pocket knife, so it folds up and fits easily in your pocket or, even better, your WorkShirt. These knives are made in France and have been around for over 130 years!

A few of the things I use my knife for…

  • Cutting twine
  • Harvesting vegetables, especially asparagus and rhubarb
  • Killing grubs/borers/pests in our fruit trees and our squash plants
  • Cutting seed potatoes before planting
  • Scoring roots of plants before planting them, especially if they are root bound
  • Checking to see if a tree or shrub is alive or dead

Two things I’ve learned the hard way… it’s easy to lose track of the knife in the garden so don’t put it down in the grass. Also, don’t leave it out in the dew/rain because it will become more difficult to close.